Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Warehouse wise

When you talk about warehouse living to Melbournites, then you are preaching to the converted. They love them! Old warehouses sell quickly because there is little else that compares in the real estate market. With the increasing demand for warehouse conversions added to the scarcity, is it any wonder that the new series of The Block is creating widespread interest and controversy in what the finished conversions will sell for.

Now here's something different! Check out this warehouse conversion located in Yoro, Japan that I found while surfing the net for warehouse designs. It has an amazing amount of open space and a minimalistic approach to design with just a dash of colour. It's gorgeous…

Images from Airhouse Design
 Minimalist or industrial, either way, it takes imagination, creativity and vision to turn a vast expanse of empty space into a comfortable home and I'm continuously fascinated and inspired by the design options such a large space presents.

Are you watching this season's tv series of 
The Block?



  1. Wow! I love the little pops of colours in the nooks! Gorgeous is an understatement!


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