Thursday, 6 March 2014

Room Shuffle

With my son in his second year at Uni and living in Sydney, I've decided it's time to do a bit of a bedroom shuffle and allow my daughter to move downstairs into the room vacated by my son. His room is larger and has an ensuite, so she's very excited. 
Before the big move I do want to change the carpet and repaint the walls.

When I move her downstairs I want to redo her bedroom and make it into a guest room. I have my eye on this bed head from Incy Interiors.

The bedhead is a rose gold colour and I think it will really make a statement in the room.

I'll need to buy some new bedside tables but I think I'll stay neutral and buy white.

This oversized Tre lamp from Freedom might make a nice bedside lamp?

I'm also on the hunt for a round floor rug as this room has polished floorboards. I like the Daisy rug from Armadilo & Co, but again I'm still thinking things through.

I love the planning stage and I'm enjoying searching through magazines and websites putting the rooms together in my head.



  1. As my girls flew the coup, their rooms have also been re-allocated. If you 're going to buy your daughter a new bed, size up to a queen for, as you have already suggested, guest accomodation down the track. I love the Indy rose gold beds.....freedom have a linear version ATM too. Look forward to seeing what you decide!

  2. it's very bitter sweet when the kids start leaving home. The new bed is for the new guest room, perhaps I should look at a queen size? You've got me thinking…


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